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Get a peek in to awareness initiatives by GSK.
What’s a vaccination card? Do school going children need vaccination? Can a single vaccination be effective against multiple diseases? Find answers to these questions here.

Health Ka Passport

Vaccination brings more power to your wishes by protecting the child against serious diseases. Track your child’s Vaccination record with Vaccination card.

7 Star Protection

7 Star Protection

Once a child turns a year old, parents often get relaxed and lose track of their vaccination status. And this might result in children being vulnerable to infections and diseases that can not only disrupt their routine life but can also put their health at risk.

Schooler Vaccination

Once a child crosses infancy, parents often lose track of their child’s vaccine status. As a result, children find themselves at the risk of infections and diseases.

6 in 1 Vaccination

6 in 1 is a combination vaccination, which protects babies against 6 diseases in a single shot.

Timely Vaccination

Timely vaccination is essential to protect them from potentially serious diseases

Spot possible gaps in your child's protection

Create a personalised timeline to see if your child is missing vaccinations*


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