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Safety Tips When Stepping Out For Childs Vaccination in Covid-19

Covid-19 is disrupting immunization services across the globe, thereby putting the health of millions of children at risk. Yes, there is hesitation to step out due to Coronavirus, but not getting a child vaccinated is a bigger cause of concern as it can leave a child unprotected against several diseases.1

It is important in the current scenario, to understand that immunization is a safe and effective way to prevent diseases like Polio, Diphtheria, Measles and Pertussis to name a few. Not getting timely vaccination can leave a child vulnerable to these diseases.2

According to the World Health Organisation, Immunization is an essential health service. Disruption of immunization services, even for brief periods, will result in increased numbers of susceptible individuals and raise the likelihood of outbreak-prone vaccine preventable diseases (VPDs). WHO highlighted the importance of immunization in the COVID-19 pandemic and that it must continue.3

Importance of Timely Vaccination

Timely Vaccination in childhood is crucial as it provides immunity and protection before a child is exposed to serious diseases.4

A newborn baby has passive immunity, which is borrowed immunity from the mother. This helps the baby during the first couple of months, but this gradually goes down and the baby eventually has to learn to fight the diseases on his own.5 To help a baby do that, it is recommended that the child gets Timely vaccination. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC recommends that children should be vaccinated according to the recommended immunization schedule.6

Why Timely Vaccination is important and why we should follow the Immunization Schedule:

  1. The immunization schedule is based on your child’s immune system, how it responds to vaccines at different stages and ages, and the probability of the child being exposed to a particular disease.
  2. Delaying a child’s vaccination can leave them vulnerable to disease that can be prevented through timely vaccination.
  3. It’s advisable to give early protection and vaccinate before your child is exposed to dangerous diseases as maternal antibodies and breastfeeding alone don’t provide enough protection from diseases.
  4. Children who are not timely vaccinated, as per the schedule can also spread illness to others who aren’t protected like newborns who are too young for vaccines and people with weak immunity.

How to step out for Vaccination with complete Safety

Vaccination is an essential medical service. Having said that, in the current times, it is important that we take necessary precautions to minimize any risk, while stepping out for our child’s vaccination. Some of the important safety tips that parents should follow are mentioned below8:

  1. Make a prior appointment with your Pediatrician over a phone call.
  2. Wear a safety mask and keep your child well covered with breathable, light and sheer cloth. Your child can wear a mask if above 2 years of age if comfortable. If more than 5 years of age, your child should definitely wear a mask.
  3. Use an alcohol-based sanitizer at regular intervals, when you are out.
  4. Maintain social distancing at all times & avoid contact with any surface, as much as possible.
  5. Prefer digital payments and confirm with the Doctor ahead before going
  6. GIGO: Get in Get out & follow the instructions in the clinic as per your Doctor’s advice.

You should follow your child’s recommended immunization schedule which has age specific Vaccines for your child. For more information on missed or due vaccination, please consult your Pediatrician.

I hope you would put your child’s health interests ahead and get them vaccinated timely and take all safety precautions while stepping out for your child’s vaccination.


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